DOB: MAR.1st.1867, NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE (Registered Alnwick). DIED: 1930's.
(1881 Census: Aged 14-  166 Stanhope Street, Westgate, Newcastle. – Factory Clerk (Hardware). Son of John & Mary)
(1911 Census: Aged 44. Newcastle). 

(non known)


Edmund (Ed) Surtees, was a local player, who by the age of 14 was working as factory clerk, living with his parents in the Westgate area of Newcastle Upon Tyne. At some date prior to the Newcastle West End Football clubs first game he joined the club in 1882. That summer West End were still only a cricket club & Ed Surtees was seen to featured in one known friendly cricket on August 24th. This was against Redheugh Star & they 63 runs to 24. He made his football debut in the second ever West End game; featuring in a more defensive role on October 14th 1882 when they lost 1:0 to Heaton in a friendly. It is very likely he featured a week earlier in their very first game, from which the line ups are not known. That season the West End put themselves forward to enter their first competition; the Northumberland & Durham 2nd team Competition. Surtees featured in the game against Newcastle FA 2nd team; which they lost 2:1. Including an appearance for West End in that summers Temperance Festival Junior Tournament. They also lost the game which was against East End’s second team. In total during his first season playing for West End, Surtees was known to have played in 5 friendly games in addition to the two competitive matches mentioned. The following season saw West End continue to play mostly friendly matches, with most known line ups containing Ed Surtees; seen often in a more advanced midfield role. West End’s results improved, beginning with a 1:0 win over local rivals Rendel on October 6th. That season Surtees was in the side, which claimed its biggest win to date on December 22nd 1883 when they hammered Drysdale 7:0. Unfortunately the goal scorers from that game are not known. The club made the decision to now enter 1st Team competitions & they entered the first ever Northumberland Senior Cup. Unfortunately they got draw against the then regions top team Tyne Association on Jan. 12th. in the 2nd Round, losing 7:0. Surtees & West End once again returned to the football field that summer & featured in the Town Moor Temperance Festival on June 14th. They lost to East End 2:0. During that season Surtees featured 12 friendly games for West End & those cup matches.
The 1884-85 season saw West End strengthen & take a big step forwarded locally battling to be recognised as one of the North East’s top sides. Surtees continued to be a key player in their first team. Their season kicked off with a 3:2 win over Heaton in a friendly & saw Surtees assist West End on obtained five goals in two friendly games. West End had a great cup run that season, following a 1st Round bye; they defeated North Tyne Swifts 6:1 on February 7th & then faced Newcastle FA in the 3rd Round; winning through to the semi final. On March 7th 1885 they faced their rivals from the other end of the city in the Semi Final, East End & drew 3:3. Surtees scored one of their goals in the second half. Thos is the first recorded goal by him. There hopes of cup glory ended in the replay a week later, when East End defeated them 5:0. Surtees played in all of the games. During the summer Surtees featured for West End in the 3rd Round of the Temperance Festival on June 27th; defeating Rendel 3:0. Unfortunately the line ups are not known from their first game & their next game the competition; the semi final with Bedlington Burdon. It is likely he did feature, as he had featured in all of his sides previous 5 cup games. In addition to the 6 friendly matches Surtees was noted to also play in a West End ‘Scratch XI’ side which defeated Gateshead Casuals 6:0 on January 10th. A number of press reports included an E. Stewart in the West end line up, playing in a similar position to Surteees. It is feasible that this could have an error in the press. Further research may clarify whether this was in fact Surtees or not. 
Ed Surtees once again began the season as regular first choice in the side often in his most favoured inside left position. They kicked off the season on October 3rd 1885 with a convincing 5:0 victory over Newcastle FA. On November 21st he scored twice in a 5:1 defeat of Rosehill; finding the net in both halves. He lost his place in the first team that season after featuring on January 1st in a 2:0 win over Middlesbrough Melbourne. That brought his season total to 8 friendly appearances; scoring those w goals. He took no part in the clubs successful Senior Cup run that season, with competition for placing increasing. He was seen in one further West End line up that season; assisting their 2nd Team on February 6th; when they lost 3:1 to East End 2nd team in the Northumberland 2nd team Medal Competition. The strength of the side, & the import of a number of Scottish players increased & the following season Surtees struggled to gain a first team start. His first of the 1886-87 season was on December 11th; which they lost 5:1 to Elswick Rangers. His other first team appearance was another friendly against out of the area visitors Derby St. Luke’s on April 12th. They lost 2:0. Surtees also featured in a Scratch XI side on March 12th. when they drew 1:1 with an East End Scratch XI side. The majority of his matches that season were turning out for West End’s strongest non first side West End Swifts. Here his season kicked off on September 18th with a 3:1 win over Morpeth Harriers 2nd Team & Surtees got a goal. They won the msajority of their friendly matches, featuring the experienced Surtess; including a 4:2 victory over Cheviot in their last game of the season on April 2nd. 19887. Surtees score one of the goals. The Swifts entered the Northumberland 2nd Team Medal Competition; kicking off with a 2:0 win over East End 2nd team on January 15th in the 1st Round. Surtees & West End colleagues then saw off Barrington Union Jacks at the end of the month; before hammering Rendel 2nd Team 7:0 in the 3rd Round on February 12th. In the semi final they faced a very strong Shankhouse Black Watch side on March 19th & they were knocked out 5:0. The total number of Swifts appearances known to have been made by Surtees that season was 9 known friendly games & 4 cup matches.
During that summer, with West End having reformed their crocket club team, Surtees is known to have turned out for them on one occasion. This was on July 2nd 1887. They lost by 2 runs 51 to 53; in a match against Backworh Percy. Surtees obtained no runs before being bowled out.  The following season saw West End reorganise their non first team sides & Ed Surtees was now to feature for West End Reserves; as they were known that season. They kicked off their season with Surtees in the side, with a convincing 7:1 victory over Middlesbrough Waterloo on September 10th. 1887. Surtees is known to have played in 2 of their Northumberland 2nd Team Competition matches; on January 28th when they beat Backworth Hotspur & then in the 3rd Round when they lost 3:2 to East end Swifts on February 11th. Surtees scored his final goal for the club in this game. He was not seen I any of their further known lines that season & its likely this was his final appearance for the West End Football Club. During the 1887-88 season Ed Surtees did get one more opportunity turn out for the first team before leaving the club that summer. This was one September 24th 1887, when he assisted the team to a 3:1 friendly win over Darlington. He was noted as a replacement for J.D  Wardale, a Durham County player. What happens next to Surtees is unknown; he either dropped out of the game completed or began to play for a small local side in he Wallsend area called Willington Athletic. If this Surtees seen in a line up on September 8th is him; further research may reveal further appearances. For the record that game against Point pleasant was won 5:4. Census record show that Ed Surtees remained residing in the Newcastle area & although his exact date of death remains to be confirmed. It is commonly believed he died sometime in the 1930’s .              
1882-83 SEASON
OCT.14th.1882, HEATON, Lost 0:1. Friendly. *FRIENDLY DEBUT- START- Centre Half. (WEst End's 2nd ever match)
DEC.2nd.1882, MARLBOROUGH, Won 1:0, Friendly. START- Centre Half.
JAN.13th.1883, ST. CUTHBERT’S, Won 4:0, Friendly. START- Right Half.
FEB.3rd.1883, RENDEL, Won 1:0, Friendly. START- Right Back.
FEB.10th.1883, NEWCASTLE FA 2nd XI, Lost 1:2, *COMPETITIVE DEBUT- Northumberland & Durham 2nd Team Competition START- Centre Half
MAR.17th.1883, ELSWICK LEATHER WORKS, Draw 1:1, Friendly. START- Right Half.
JUN.12th.1883, EAST END 2nd XI, Lost 0:3, Town Moor Temperance Festival Junior Competition 1st Rd. START-Left Back.      
Total Apps: 7;  2 Cup & 5 Friendly Apps.
1883-84 SEASON
OCT.6th.1883, RENDEL, Won 1:0, Friendly. START- Centre Half.
OCT.20th.1883, St. CUTHBERT’S ‘A’, Won 3:1, Friendly. START- Right Half.
OCT.27th.1883, JARROW, Won 4:0, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
NOV.3rd.1883, ELSWICK LEATHER WORKS, Draw 0:0, Friendly. START- Right Half.
NOV.24th.1883, HEBBURN, Won 4:0, Friendly. START- Right Back.
DEC.8th.1883, RENDEL, Won 5:1, Friendly. START- Left Half.
DEC.22nd.1883, DRYSDALE, Won 7:0, Friendly. START- Right Half.
DEC.29th.1883, JESMOND 2nd XI, Draw 0:0, Friendly. START- Centre Half.
JAN.12th.1884, TYNE ASSOCIATION, Lost 0:7, Northumberland FA Senior Challenge Cup 2nd Rd. START- Centre Half
JAN.19th.1884, HEBBURN, Won 3:0, Friendly. START- Left Half.
FEB.2nd.1884, ST. CUTHBERT’S, Won 1:0, Friendly. START- Centre Forward.
MAR.8th.1884, ROSEHILL ‘SCRATCH XI’ Lost 0:1, Friendly. START- Outside Left.
APR.11th.1884, LEMINGTON, Won 4:1, Friendly. START- Outside Left.
JUN.14th.1884, EAST END, Lost 0:2, Town Moor Temperance Festival Cup. START- Centre Forward.

Total Apps: 14;  2 Cup & 12 Friendly Apps.
1884-85 SEASON
SEP.20th.1884, HEATON, Won 3:2, Friendly. START- Outside Left.
SEP.27th.1884, LEMINGTON RANGERS, Draw 1:1, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
OCT.4th.1884, RENDEL, Won 3:1, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
OCT.11th.1884, NEWCASTLE RANGERS, Lost 0:1, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
DEC.27th.1884, NEWCASTLE FA ‘B’, Won 5:0, Friendly. START- Centre Half.
JAN.24th.1885, NORTH EASTERN, Won 5:1, Friendly. START- Left Half.
FEB.7th.1885, NORTH TYNE SWIFTS, Won 6:1, Northumberland Senior Cup 2nd Rd. START- Centre Forward.
FEB.21st.1885, NEWCASTLE FA, Won 2:1, Northumberland Senior Cup 3rd Rd. START- Inside Left.
MAR.7th.1885, EAST END, Draw 3:3, Northumberland Senior Cup Semi Final. 1 GOAL- (2nd Half). START- Inside Right
MAR.14th.1885, EAST END, Lost 0:5, Northumberland Senior Cup Semi Final Replay. START- Inside Left.
JUN.27th.1885, RENDEL, Won 3:0, Temperance Festival Senior Football Competition 2nd Rd. START- Inside Left. 
*JAN.10th.1885, WEST END SCRATCH XI v GATESHEAD CASUALS, Won 6:0, Friendly. START- Left Half.  
Total (known) Apps: 11, 5 Cup; 1 Known Cup Goal.   (+1 Scratch XI App)
(#There was a player listed in several line ups named as E. Stewart during that season.
It is possibly he was Surtees, with his name being a misspelling in the press). 
1885-86 SEASON

OCT.3rd.1885, NEWCASTLE FA, Won 5(+1 Disputed Goal):0, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
OCT.17th.1885, TYNE ASSOCIATION, Won 6:0, Friendly. START- Left Half.
NOV.14TH.1885, EAST END, Lost 1:6, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
NOV.21st.1885, ROSEHILL, Won 5;1, Friendly. 2 GOALS- (1 Each Half)- START- Inside Left.
NOV.28th.1885. MORPETH HARRIERS, Draw 1:1, Friendly. START- Centre Forward
DEC.5th.1885, ELSWICK ORDNANCE WORKS, Won 6:0, Friendly. START- Centre Forward.
DEC.26th.1885, EAST END, Draw 2:2, Friendly. START- Outside Right.
JAN.1st.1886, MIDDLESBROUGH MELBOURNE, Won 2:0, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
Total / Friendly Apps: 8;  2 Known Goals.    
FEB.6th.1886, EAST END 2ND TEAM, Lost 1:3, Northumberland 2nd Team Medal Competition 1st Rd Replay.
START- Centre Forward
1886-87 SEASON
DEC.11th.1886, ELSWICK RANGERS, Lost 1:5, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
APR.12th.1887, DERBY ST. LUKE’S, Lost 0;2, Friendly. START- Centre Forward
*MAR.12th.1887, WEST END ‘SCRATCH XI v EAST END SCRATCH XI, Draw 1:1, Friendly Practice Match.
START- Left Half
Total / Friendly Apps: 2 (+1 Scratch XI App); 0 Goals.
SEP.18th.1886, MORPETH HARRIERS 2ND TEAM, Won 3:1, Friendly. 1 GOAL- (2nd Half). START- Inside Right
OCT.9th.1886, MIDDLESBROUGH SWIFTS, Lost 1:3, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
OCT.16th.1886, BISHOP AUCKLAND 2nd TEAM, Won 3:1, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
OCT.23rd.1886, BACKWORTH 2Nd TEAM, Won 3:1, Friendly. START- Centre Forward
NOV.20th.1886, WHITBURN, Won 4:0, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
JAN.15th.1887, EAST END 2nd TEAM, Won 2:0, Northumberland FA 2nd Team Medal Competition 1st Rd. START- Inside Left
JAN.29th.1887, BARRINGTON UNION JACKS 2Nd TEAM, Won 3:0, Northumberland  2nd Team Medals Competition 2nd Rd.
START- Inside Left.
FEB.5th.1887, SS. MARY & JAMES, Won 4:1, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
FEB.12th.1887, RENDEL 2ND TEAM, Won 7:0, Northumberland 2nd Team Medal Competition 3rd Rd. START- Inside Left
FEB.19th.1887, BACKWORTH, Lost 0:1, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
MAR.19th.1887, SHANKHOUSE BLACK WATCH 2Nd TEAM, Lost 0:5, Northumberland 2nd Team Medal Competition
Semi Final. START- Inside Left.
MAR.26th.1887, GATESHEAD SWIFTS, Won 5:0, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
APR.2nd.1887, CHEVIOT, Won 4:2, Friendly. 1 GOAL- START- Inside Left.
Total (Known) Apps: 13, 4 Cup; 2 Known Friendly Goals.  
1887-88 SEASON
SEP.24th.1887, DARLINGTON, Won 3:1, Friendly. START- Inside Right (Replaced Wardale).
(*Last 1st Team match played by Ed Surtess)
SEP.10th.1887, MIDDLESBROUGH WATERLOO, Won 7:1, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
SEP.17th.1887, ASHVILLE, Lost 1:2, Friendly. START- Outside Left.
OCT.1st.1887, SOUTHWICK, Draw 2:2, Friendly. START- Inside Right.
OCT.15th.1887, MIDDLESBROUGH WATERLOO, Lost 2:4, Friendly. START- Outside Right.
OCT.29th.1887, MEDOMSLEY 1ST TEAM, Won 1:0, Friendly. START- Inside Left.
NOV.5th.1887, BURNOPFIELD, Won 5:2, Friendly. START- Inside Left
DEC.3rd.1887, HOBSON, RANGERS, Won 2:1, Friendly. START- Outside Right.
JAN.14th.1888, SOUTHWICK, Lost 1:3, Friendly. START- Outside Left.
JAN.28th.1888, BACKWORTH HOTSPUR 2Nd TEAM, Won (score not known), Northumberland 2nd Team Medal
Competition 2nd Rd. START- Outside Right
FEB.11th.1888, EAST END SWIFTS, Lost 2:3, Northumberland 2nd team Medal Competition 3rd Rd. 1 GOAL-
START- Outside Right. (Surtees Last known  West End Match)
Total (known) Apps: 10, 2 Cup; 1 Known Cup Goal. 
AUG.24th.1882, REDHEUGH STAR, Won 63 To 24, Friendly.
JUL.2nd.1887, BACKWORTH PERCY, Lost 51 To 53. 0 Runs.
1888-89 SEASON
SEP.8th.1888, POINT PLEASANT, Won 5:4, Friendly. START- Inside Right. 

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